flowerlet school thadla

Our Vision

Building up a new society through the formation of God-fearing enlightened and responsible citizens.

Our Mission

Integral development of children through holistic education with special attention.

Aims and Objectives

The Prime goal this institution is all-round development of the students.

To encourage them to strive towards excellence in every field.

To develop their innate talents.

To create leaders and agents of needed social changes in the society.

To promote the love and respect for religious, social and cultural values.

Core Values

Spiritual and Moral Values:- We expect the students in our school

To have sense of right values.

To have respect for parents, elders and those in authority.

To be kind and sympathetic to others.

To be punctual and devoted to duty.

To be appreciative of our national heritage and culture.

To be truthful and honest.

Social Values

Our students should be:-

Aware of the needs of the society in which they live.

Able to adapt themselves to the changing circumstances.

Convinced of the dignity of labour.

Courteous towards others, radiating joy and friendliness.

Motivated by healthy spirit of co-operation.


Dear Parents,

Though a school can do a lot for its children, it can’t do everything. Home is the place where they get their first education and training. It is the chief place where their character is formed and developed. Education in the school indeed promotes the children’s personality by helping them to discover and develop the qualities that are them. In order to secure all that is best in the education of your child, maximum cooperation between the parents and school authorities is necessary.

The task of helping our children to become good citizens is done better through a kind of partnership between the school and parents. While helping the children to do their home- work and supervising their studies, parents and guardians should remember that “self help is the best help”.

In this institution we are working not only for the intellectual, cultural and physical development of the student from the childhood, but also for the formation of character by inculcation sound moral principles, so that they grow as children of god and responsible and peace loving citizens of our nation.

God Bless You,


a) The school authorities expect the cooperation of the Parents and Guardians in maintaining punctuality, discipline and study habits in the children.

b) Communicate promptly the reasons for your child’s absence and leave.

c) Kindly check regularly the records of late attendance / absence and ‘without homework’. If found, sign it and take necessary action.

d) Do not disturb teachers of pupils by visits during class hours. Visits may conveniently be done with prior permission of the Principal / Manager.

e) Insist your children on good handwriting, neatness and cleanliness in the textbooks, exercise books and personal appearance.

f) Attend the parents-Teachers meeting organised by the schools authorities to discuss the progress and performance or behaviour and character of your children.


On behalf of Flowerlet family, I wish you all the students a very happy, enriched and illuminated life. The future belongs to you, Dear Students. The quality of a school depends on the quality of its students. The good manners you study should sooth, purify, exalt, refine each one of you in constant uniform insensible way day after day. As Daniel Webster said “If you work on marble it will perish, if you work upon brass time will deface it, if you rear temples they will crumble to dust; if we work on immortal minds, if you imbue them principles with just fear of God and love of our fellow men we engrave on these tablets something which brightens to eternity.”

God Bless You,


Yes students you are the future of our nation. Take your studies seriously and follow the rules, regulations, traditions of your school lovingly. You should make use of all facilities that your home, school and society provides for you. I wish you a pleasant and fruitful learning experience in school.