flowerlet school thadla

Our Facilities

These are the following facilities providing by Flowerlet English Academy


The school has brightly-lit and well ventilated classrooms. As per international norms the class sizes are kept small with 35 - 40 students to ensure a teacher-student ratio. The flowerlet academy furniture is specially designed to facilitate good posture, give comfort and aid optimum learning.


flowerlet academy has Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Mathematics, Computers Labs, and Internet Browsing Center, equipped with the most modern equipment catering to the ICSE and ISC streams. These encourage students to learn through experiment and research. For those in Junior School classes, the school has Computer Lab, Art Room where students get experiential learning opportunities.


The flowerlet library stocks more books on a variety of subjects, and new books are added every year. The librarians assist students pick authors and subjects that best suit their interest, in the process inculcating the habit of avid reading. The Book Club at flowerlet academy holds regular storytelling sessions for younger students. It also has reading room facilities, and provides newspapers and magazines of international repute. We subscribe to the leading newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals from around the world that keep our students abreast with national and international events.

Safety and Security

Flowerlet academy gives topmost priority to the safety of the students. A Security Officer has been designated for the Safety and Security of the Students. A visitor is never allowed to enter the academy campus without prior appointment. Flowerlet academy has engaged the services of a highly professional Security team. They are in charge of handling the security needs of the academy l. The campus is monitored 24X7, and always guarded with the security staff in and around the campus. There has never been an instance of breach of security. The security measures at the academy are infallible. The students can only leave the campus on designated days and that too along with a parent, guardian or an exeat from the Housemasters.

Smart Class

A smart classroom is a classroom that has an instructor equipped with computer and audio-visual equipment, allowing the instructor to teach using a wide variety of media. These include smart interactive white board, DVD's, PPT's and more, all displayed through a data projector. Smart class is a digital initiative of EDUCOMP, which is rapidly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn. With the help of school curriculum, smart classes bring in technology right next to the blackboard for teachers in the classroom. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for the students while improving their overall academic performance in school.

Transport Facility

There are totally 2 bus routes which carter to almost all places in Thandla. However, this facility is only available for all the standard. For Further details contact the School management


The Grindlays Games Programme

Over the years the academy has developed infrastructure for a number of games and sports. Cricket, Hockey, Soccer and Swimming are played seasonally and tennis, squash, table-tennis, badminton, basket-ball, volley ball are played through the year. Athletics, gymnastics and physical training are also popular among the boys. Boxing and marathon running are sports which see the participation of every single medically fit boy of the academy.

The programme not only develops the physical stamina, co-ordination and skills of the students but also develops team spirit, honourable sportsmanship, winning with humility and losing with dignity.